Our exterior livery solutions


LXM is an expert in any aircraft livery – for airline branding, advertising special liveries, aircraft neutralization, end of lease etc. We provide flexible aircraft livery solutions – from full livery to placards, stencils and spray masks.

Our expert teams have more than 30 years of professional experience painting and foiling commercial aircraft.

We provide an integrated product:

  • EASA / UK CAA PART 21.J Minor Mod
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Artwork services (Aircraft livery design)

Full aircraft vinyl livery

  • Aircraft livery fully digitized color printing process to ensure compliance with customer’s CI
  • All aircraft types (fixed wing, rotor wing)
  • Installation through highly experienced teams at a location of your choice (or supply only)
  • Similar life expectancy as paint coatings
  • Ecologically friendly and cost-efficient, no ferry flights to paintshops
  • Excellent resistance against erosion and low color fading
  • Wide scope of graphic options (including MICA effects)
  • Can be applied to any type of top coat / clear coat
  • Best suitable material, adhesive and finish solution will be recommended based on areas of application, type of operation and intended duration / time frame of the livery elements
  • Easy removal, no glue residue, no paint damage
  • Removal roughly 50% time consumption of installation
  • Printed on white, transparent and / or kiss & cut
  • Edge seal or fully clear coat; strengthen critical areas such as VTP leading edge with thermoplastic anti-erosion tape
  • Two year warranty if also installed by our teams
  • 24/7 after service support
  • Short lead times
  • Smart repair and re-order process

Complete aircraft turn key livery solutions

  • On stop shop including EASA Part 21.J Minor Mod supply together with dedicated staff in our partner DOA
  • Can also provide under UK CAA and UAE GCAA
  • Full Mod packages, CoC, EASA Form 1
  • MOD & optional DE-MOD in one project
  • We aim to minimize involvement on the customer’s side
  • We speak commercial and technical aviation language
  • Stand alone P21.J minor mods available for livery, markings etc. (without production and installation by us)

Livery design and artwork

  • Design and manufacturing of complex livery solutions
  • All computerized
  • Any image type on most areas of the aircraft
  • Extensive manufacturing and installation expertise
  • Artwork rendering
  • Artwork reproduction

Stencils, sanding and paint/spray masks

Installation manpower (stand alone)

We can provide manpower through highly experienced teams at a location of your choice for any of your projects

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